Hot Pot/Unmata Improvisational Tribal Style Classes:
I am currently in my 3rd cycle of Level One, and It’s going GREAT! I’ve had two students test up into Level Two, so those classes will be starting VERY soon. I’m planning on keeping Level One rolling through every Monday, so we will start back at Week 1 every 8 weeks. Watch my CLASSES page for more information. The current session ends September 30th, and the new session begins again on October 14th.

Underground Nomads
DJ Amar, Cheb i Sabbah, DJ Sep, and Dulce Vita are banging out a new dancefloor night in SF! Every Tuesday, one of them gets behind the decks at F8(1192 Folsom), bringing you beats from all over the globe. The night is started by a short fusion dance performance from local and visiting dancers. You’ll see Improvisation, Belly Dance, Flamenco, Tribal, as well as the fusion of these dances! I am currently a resident dancer- you’ll find me most on the last Tuesday of the month. Other residents include: FatChanceBellyDance®, Surreyya Hada, Kae Montgomery, Erica, and more! Don’t forget to check this out- come and support your local artists, Bay Area!

More Information at UNDERGROUND NOMADS.

Calamitous Costuming
After a long hiatus (I really just haven’t had time to make new stuff for awhile….erm…..since before Tribal Fest….heh) Calamitous Costuming is on it’s way BACK! I currently have several designs in the works- ornamentation, workout gear, everyday clothing, as well as costuming. I’m hoping to have a good amount of stock available for the holiday rush! I’m really excited about a lot of this stuff, and I can’t wait to show you all.

BONUS! After the reception my stickers got (Dance it Like you Love it) I’m looking into making shirts! More about that later, as well!


September 7th: Reverence – SOLD OUT! – Julia Morgan Theatre, Berkeley (Amar and I will be helping out- Amar with sound and such, me with door, and a cameo in the show!)

September 8th: Solano StrollAlbany, CA – Post-Reverence Street Faire performances 1pm-2pm (Solano Ave next to Bart tracks)

September 19th- 23rd: Symbiosis – Electric Vardo Live – Friday Night – Woodward Reservoir (Come and see DJ Amar, Calamity Sam, Unmata, Dan Cantrell, Elizabeth Strong, Dulce Vita, Karolina Lux, Soozhyq, and Jef Stott perform a classic Electric Vardo Live set! DIGITAL meets ACOUSTIC!)

September 24th: Underground Nomads   – F8(1192 Folsom) SF – W/ Resident: DULCE VITA, and Special Guests Dunklebunt and Makyo! Dancing by Calamity Sam, Zoe Jakes, Tatyana, and Azure.

October 5th: * The SamWich! – Vancouver, BC – Calamity Sam and Samantha Riggs are at it again! Come a enjoy a day of workshops with this dynamic duo of Boisterous Bolly Beauty! This time, there’s a side of DJ Amar with your SamWich.
*Frenetic Edge and Beats without Borders PRESENTS: ADHAM SHAIKH + [dunkelbunt] + DJ AMAR – Vancouver, BC – RED ROOM ULTRABAR – Beats Without Borders and Frenetic Edge team up to bring a night of wicked DJ’s, subculture dance and mesmorizing visuals.

October 14th: Hot Pot/Unmata I.T.S. Level One Series RESTART! – West Oakland, CA – Come and jump in on the next round of I.T.S. fun!!!

October 22nd: Underground Nomads – F8(1192 Folsom) SF- W/Resident Dulce Vita – Resident dancer Calamity Sam performs

October 25th-26th: Unmata’s Blood Moon Regale 13 – Sacramento, CA – Calamity Sam performs in Choose Your Own Adventure!

October 29th: Underground Nomads – F8(1192 Folsom) SF- W/Resident DJ Amar – FRENCH TRIBAL EMBASSY INVASION! Special Guest Dancer Zoe Jakes, Resident Dancer Calamity Sam

November 2nd: Shadowdance – Oakland, CA – Electric Vardo Live Set with DJ Amar, Calamity Sam, & Little Beasties

That’s all for now!! Hope to see y’all at some of these Events!!