Recommendations and Reviews

“Calamity Sam is one of the most talented people I know, and quickly becoming one of California’s top dancers.  In addition to being technically amazing, she has this beautiful way of embracing both grace and quirkiness.  I love dancing with Sam because she gives great attention to small details, and always finds the most interesting shapes and patterns in her movements.  Her classes are fun and challenging. Her sense of humor and eclectic music selections will keep your mind in a happy place!  Beyond dance, she’s an impeccable seamstress and craftsperson, as you can see in her costuming and vending.  Did I mention she can draw too?  This woman is a true artist.”

Heather Shoopman  Los Angeles, CA (2011) – Former Dance Partner and Instructor

“Calamity Sam is an ideal package of a workshop instructor.  Her infectious enthusiasm is combined with detailed and inspired instruction, creative and original choreography and innovative technique.  Being a part of a Calamity Sam workshop is to become a Co-Captain of the SS Sassy. No one is left behind on the voyage.  You will truly find yourself having so much fun, you will hardly notice that your technique is improving exponentially.  Her mind/body awareness and ability to explain movement is such that she is very easy to follow and her style is unique to the point that you will find yourself refreshingly challenged.  On top of all that, she is extremely approachable and welcomes questions and feedback.  In Sam I also see an insatiable desire to challenge herself to continually grow as a teacher and a performer.  This is someone who is never going to settle for a “phone in” kind of scenario.  Sam is someone who is always going to strive for new and innovative ideas that inspire her—and truly, what more could you ask for?”

Sherri (aka CherChez La Femme) Los Angeles, CA  –Former Instructor

“First, Calamity Sam’s workshop was fun and relaxed. I didn’t feel like I was being hurried through it, or like she was just puking information out.. it felt fun, personalized and definitely unique! I liked that she genuinely wanted to have everyone there not only come away with good knowledge but good feelings!

Secondly, Sam is such an approachable human being even in all her glorious dance goddess-ness. I felt at ease and comfortable asking her advice and sharing my goals with her! The feedback she gave was just the kick in the pants I needed to work a little harder and be a little better!”

-Michelle Sorensen (Salt Lake City, Utah)Past Workshop Attendee-

“Calamity Sam is a poised and graceful dancer with a flair for weaving her personality and humor on stage for all to behold. Her strength comes from her love and passion for music and dance. She is trully a multi faceted artist who has much to offer her students.”

Olu (Los Angeles, CA) –Dance Colleague